Student Obligations

One of the most important goals that Osmanlı University seeks to achieve is preparing working knowledgeable Muslim individuals. To achieve this goal, Osmanli University has its own rules, regulations and methodology. Students who join our university have to commit to the university rules; and have to burden the sequences of violating them. For that, I pledge to the following terms if I get accepted as a student at Osmanli University:

First, to respect all the rules and regulations of the Ottoman University; and respect all the working personnel in it such as teacher board, employees and workers in addition to the students and visitors and not to offend them by words or actions.

Second, to strictly attend lectures and practical lessons of curriculum according to the timetable issued by students Department. And not to miss them unless there is a reasonable excuse in accordance with regulations and rules of the university. The percentage of a student’s unjustified absence shouldn’t exceed 10% and the percentage of students justified absence shouldn’t exceed 25% according to the rules and regulations working at the university.

Third, to maintain utter calmness and discipline during lectures and examinations and not to disturb or cheat or do anything that damage the study serenity.

Fourth, to keep student card safe not lost nor damaged ; and to show it once requested by the university employees personnel or any the teachers’ board.

Fifth, to keep the university properties safe. Properties include the building, furniture, computer labs, laboratories and other things.

Sixth, to wear clothes that match the Muslim morals and manners; and that are relevant to common sense.

Seventh, not to cheat or impersonate whether in tests, examinations or in lectures.

Eighth, to commit to companion prayers once at university.

Ninth, not to use mobile phones during lectures.

Tenth, to bear the whole responsibility when violating these instructions and to accept the proper punishment according to the university regulations.

Eleventh, to score the required mark for my major in IELTS; and achieve required grade for my major in the first year to pass to second year.