Osmanli’s Board of Trustees

Dr. Abduljabbar Al Zeidi

Dr. Abduljabbar Al Zeidi

Chairman of Board of Trustees & Founder of Osmanli University

- Ph.D in Holy Hadeeth from University of the Punjab
- Former Manager of General Affairs in Girls Faculties in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- Former Head of Basic Sciences Department at University of Sharjah in UAE
- Member of the Secretariat of Syrian Islamic Council
- Head of the Fatwa Committee in the General Corporation of the Muslim Scholars in Syria
- Professor of Hadeeth, Islamic Education, Fiqh, Prophet’s Lifestory (Seerah) and foundation Scientific Research in several Arab and Islamic Universities
- Out of his publication:
The Little Dictionary of AlHfiz Al Tabarani,
"Professional Ethics"
"Masonism under Lights"
"Century‘s Mutazilah"
"The Fifteenth"
"Performing the Previous Prayers"
"The Traveller’s Prayer"

The Board of trustees consist of many well-known Muslim and Arab scholars and scientists who agreed to establish Osmanli University:

Dr. Muhammad Sarhan Altamer

Dean of the Faculty of Shariah and Islamic Studies at Alzahra University, A member and an establisher member in the secretariat in the Syrian Scholars Union

- PhD in Comparative Fiqh from Omdurman Islamic University
- Former Head of the Islamic Studies Department at Zamar University, Yemen
- Liscenced in reading Holy Koran, narration of Hafs An Asem. Liscenced in Hereditary science (Mawareeth) and the Narrations of Al Umrani
- Former rector of Alzahra University

Dr. Ahmad SaiidHawa

A legislative consultant of the Jordanian Hayat Radio, A member of Fatwa Committee in the Faculty of Shariaa at AlZarka’ University

- Former head of department of Fiqh and UsulAddin at the Zarqa University
- PhD in Fiqh and UsulAddin
- A participant author in the series of Islamic Studies under the supervision of Study and Research Assembly
- Out of his publications:
"Forms of Usury Manipulation and their Status according to Islamic Shariaa"
"An Introduction to Abu Hsneefah Madhhab"

Dr. Salih Hamdo Aldibsawi

- PhD in Engineering Management from the USA
- Master in Engineering Management
- Master in Industrial Engineering
- Bachelor of industrial Engineering from North Caroline University in the USA.
- A creative poet and a prominent and effective figure in the Arab and world market

Dr. Muhammad Iyad Alakkari

A member of the Literary Club in the Eastern Area, Member of the Saudi Assembly of Dentistry, Member of the World Islamic Literary Association

- Born in Damascus, graduate of the faculty of dentistry, Damascus University
- Worked in the Syrian Army hospitals (1979 – 1981)
- Worked with the Saudi National Guard in the Eastern Area for fifteen years (1402 – 1413 H)
- Since then he has been working as a dentist in his own clinic in Ahsa
- He also published a number of his poetry medical and literary essays in newspapers and magazines
- Out of his publications:
Islam is Promotion, Civilization, Cleanliness and Purification
Man’s Pleasure is in his Mouth

Dr. Khalid Alujaimi

- Professor at the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud.
- PhD in Arabic Language from the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud.

Dr. Hussein Abdulhadi

Head of the Syrian Scholars Assembly in Syria, A Member in the Secretariat of the Syrian Islamic Council

- Ph.D in Holy Koran explanation (Tafseer)
- Associate Professor in Islamic Culture at Alzahra University
- Out of his publications:
“The New Libralian Globalisation and Future Choices”
“ A Spotlight on the Modern Reality of Jews”
“The Call of Religin Conversin in the Modern Era”

Dr. Abdulmajeed Albyanuni

- A graduate of the faculty of Shariaa in 1974
- Imam and instructor in some intermediate and secondary schools
- Worked in Secondary School of Sharia untill 1980
- Worked in AlfalahSchools for 11 years
- PhD degree from Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan with a degree of excellence
- Supervises and manages Sultan Alulamaa’ Complex in Gaziantep.
- Of his publications:
“Proverb Giving in the Koran: its educational objectives and its effects“
The unity of Muslims is a must
Message of the teacher and the ethics of the scholar and the learner

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Dugheim

- PhD in Economics from the Kyiv National Economic University in Ukraine
- Bachelor of Economics, department of accountancy from University of Aleppo
- Minister of Higher Education in the Syrian Temporary Government
- Head of Accountancy Department at Tishreen University (1995- 1997)
- Manager of the Technical Institute of Finance and Banking at University of Aleppo (2010 - 2011)
- Member of preparation committee for the first scientific conference at Philadelphia University, Amman 2006

Dr. Abdussalam Mukbil Almajidi

Consultant of Yemeni minister of Awkaf (Islamic Affaires), Dean and establisher of Holy Koran and Islamic Studies faculty in Sanaa’, Vice President of the Institute of Dawa and Islamic Sciences Academic Affaires in Doha, Associate professor in Koran Studies (readings, explanations and sciences), Member of Mushaf (Holy Koran copies) Committee Revision in Yemeni Ministry of Awkaf

- Former Head of Islamic Studies department at Thamar University
- PhD in Koran Explanation (Tafseer) and Koran Sciences with grade of excellence

Dr. Mahmoud Almubarak

International Relation Lawyer, Professor of International Law at King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, Islamic thinker, poet, a man of letters and has participations in several Arabic and world newspapers and magazines, Law consultant for several Arabic, regional and world organizations and establishments

- International Relation Lawyer PhD in International Law from Rading University, UK
- Master in Political Sciences from Arizona University, USA
- Out of his writings:
Modern International Law
The power of Law or the Law of Power,
Law Reading of the Modern Incidents

Prof. Ali Mohyi Al-Din Al-Qaradaghi

The General Secretary of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, The Chairman of the Supreme Consultative Council for The Vice-President of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, The Chairman of the Supreme Consultative Council for Bringing Islamic Madhahib Closer Together of ISESCO in addition to many other professional positions

• He has more than 30 written works
• He received his PhD in Shari’a and Law at the Univerzita al-Azhar in the field of contracts and financial transactions. His thesis was highly acclaimed and translated into several languages
• Prof. Ali later joined Qatar University and became part of its teaching cadre and was promoted to Professor in 1995
• He was a recipient of the Ajman Award 2001, -an award dedicated to global figures who have had a significant role in community service- as well as being granted the State Incentive Award in Islamic Comparative Jurisprudence, awarded by the State of Qatar and the Weqaya Award for best Takaful insurance research