Study programme: The Bachelor of Science Architecture

The programme provides a solid academic foundation for those who wish to become architects. In this 3-year intensive course, Design is taught as the core subject into which knowledge on other subjects are integrated, enriched by elective subjects and industrial attachment. The BSc. Architecture course is also programmed as a stand alone undergraduate course that is sufficient for students who do not wish to continue on to the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) programme, but to venture into related fields.

Career Opportunity:

Graduates of this programme may choose to be one (but not limited to) of the following:

  • Designer
  • Architectural assistants in architectural firms
  • Building contractor or developers
  • School teacher
  • Lecturer at polytechnics
  • Technical colleges
  • Technical administrator
  • Designer

  • Building contractor

  • Technical colleges

  • Technical administrator


  • Mission

    To advance knowledge and learning through quality research and education for the nation and for humanity.

  • Vision

    To be an internationally renowned Faculty of Built Environment in research, innovation, publication and teaching.

  • Objectives

    • To be the centre of excellence in the built environment studies and to meet the demands of the construction industry in producing a responsible and competent professionals in the future.
    •  To create a healthy and conducive intellectual environment, equipping its graduates in the ever rapidly changing future.
    •  To contribute knowledge and give consultation to society and the nation in the field of built environment for the development and the well-being of the world